PSYC – Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral Addictions Course Materials

Behavioral Addictions Textbook

Interviews With Experts
Expert 1 - Dr. Keith Whyte: Executive Director of National Council of Problem Gambling
Expert 2 - Kelsey: Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
Expert 3 - Kathy: The Need for Weeds
Expert 4 - Corynn: Hair Pulling, Scratching, and Self-Punishment
Expert 5 - Diana: Might As Well Admit It, You’re Addicted to Love
Expert 6 - Corynn: Food Addiction
Expert 7 - Kelsey: Overcoming Obsessions
Expert 8 - Kathy: Word Obsessions
Expert 9 - Edwina: Work Addiction
Expert 10 - Dr. Rick Isenberg: American Foundation for Addiction Research
Expert 11 - Elizabeth: Paralyzed by Perfectionism
Expert 12 - Hal: The All-Consuming World of Internet Gaming
Expert 13 - Susan: Shopping and Hording
Expert 14 - Sabra: Welcome to My World of Social Media
Expert 15 - Diana: Shop Till You Drop
Expert 16 - Dr. Kirk Bowden: Behavior Addictions Overview
Expert 17 - Tyler: Recreational Therapy

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Behavioral Addictions Course Materials
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