CHEM – Bioinorganic Chemistry

An introduction to the structure and function of a variety of metalloproteins and metalloenzymes, concentrating on systems containing transition metals. Emphasis is on the role of the metal ion(s), and the inorganic chemistry involved in the biomolecule’s function.

  1. Metallobiomolecules: General
    1. Metal-binding organic groups
    2. Metal structural types
    3. Elements of protein structure
    4. The entatic state hypothesis
    5. Metal substitution
    6. Synthetic analogues
    7. Some physical methods
  2. Metallobiomolecules: Specific
    1. Proteins
      1. Oxygen carriers: hemoglobin/myoglobin, hemerythrin, hemocyanin
      2. Electron transfer: cytochromes, iron-sulfur proteins, blue copper proteins
      3. Metal transport/storage: ferritin, transferrin, metallothioneins
    2. Enzymes
      1. Hydrolases: carboxypeptidase, carbonic anhydrase
      2. Carbon metabolism: methane monooxygenase, cytochrome P-450 enzymes
      3. Oxygen metabolism: oxidases, oxygenases, superoxide dismutase, catalase
      4. Oxygen production: water-oxidizing complex of photosynthesis

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