PSYC – The Psychobiology of Sex and Gender

Course description

This course explores a range of factors that contribute to sexual behavior and understandings at biological, psychological, and sociocultural levels. The course is pitched at the foundational level and explores sex and gender through a variety of lenses that range from the molecular (genetic, cellular) to more molar (social constructionism) perspectives. The course represents the application of psychological science to an understanding of timely, and evolving, contemporary issues. Special emphasis is given to sexual orientation, sexual preference, sexual variance, and the study of gender and differences.

We are pleased to offer the following custom interviews Class Center produced for this course:

  • Ara: In Position to Transition
  • Ara On Stage
  • Ascendency of Zen
  • Carolyn on Culture
  • Barry Fears Queer
  • Ben Ponders Gender
  • Brent: Becoming Brent
  • Catherine as Virginia Wolf
  • Catherine: Virginia Wolf and Feminism
  • Chris Does Drag
  • Chris: The Other Side
  • Dr. Heidi Riggio: Interview with the Author
  • Freddie: Sex Role Schemas in Action
  • Hannah: Let’s Hand it to Hannah
  • Jason: Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places
  • John-Eric and Liezerie: Gender Roles in Relationships
  • Kimberly: Gender, Sex, and Law
  • Marc on Masculinity
  • Nemat: Sexual Persecution and Execution
  • Robin Makes the Rounds
  • Zen: The Making of A Name

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