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PSYC – The Psychobiology of Sex and Gender

Course description This course explores a range of factors that contribute to sexual behavior and understandings at biological, psychological, and sociocultural levels. The course is pitched at the foundational level and explores sex and gender through a variety of lenses that range from the
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PSYC – Personality Psychology Training Interviews And Perspectives

Course description This bundle contains the full set of video resources to support Personality Psychology. The videos include eight (8) Interviews with the Experts, featuring contemporary scholars and practitioners discussing each of the eight approaches to personality covered the foundational course Personality Psychology, as
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PSYC – Impulsive and Compulsive Disorders – Advanced Seminar

Course description This Advanced Seminar in Impulsive and Compulsive Disorders serves as an excellent complement to Advanced Seminar in Addictions. The course builds on the Addictions Seminar by covering the full range of behavioural Addictions, including technology addictions, and distinguishing them from the conceptually
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PSYC – Self and Inter-group Relations

This course examines social psychological theories and research on the self and inter-group relations. Topics include human motivation, the self in groups, explicit and implicit stereotyping and prejudice, reducing prejudice, social stigma, and strategies for fostering diversity. We will explore how the need to
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PSYC – Self-Regulation and Self-Control

The successful attainment of goals is a multi-determined process. At several stages along the road to goal achievement, people face self-regulatory challenges that threaten to hinder progress. How do people overcome obstacles and difficulties in order to successfully meet the goals they set for
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PSYC – Evolutionary Psychology

This course presents theories of evolution grounded within a psychological framework. Evolutionary perspectives will be discussed in relation to cognition, motivation, emotion, consciousness and biology. This course will examine the rationale, contributions, failures and future of evolutionary approaches to psychological phenomena. Price: $130 Warning:
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PSYC – Child Development and Public Policy

Children’s lives are now more complex and multifaceted than ever. Understanding how programs and policies at the federal, state and local level affect children’s well-being requires a firm understanding of how characteristics of individual and contexts shape child development. The overarching goal of this
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PSYC – Rio Salado College – Behavioral Addictions

ASD285QQ/CEU100-10055 Behavioral Addictions Course Behavioral Addictions Textbook Chapters 1-4 Interviews With Experts Expert 1 - Dr. Keith Whyte: Executive Director of National Council of Problem Gambling Expert 2 - Kathy: The Need for Weeds Expert 3 - Corynn: Hair Pulling, Scratching, and Self-Punishment Expert
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PSYC – Rio Salado College

Eating Disorders Behavioral Addictions Please contact if you need any assistance or have any questions.